We try to run our business as responsibly as possible, but unfortunately we cannot be the best sign makers in the world without consuming energy and creating waste.
However, we are convinced that we should limit waste and consumption as much as possible, so two years ago we installed solar panels on our roof. This investment has enabled us to generate half of the energy we need ourselves.
We have also been separating our waste for years. Our efficient press uses less volume and makes it easier to separate our waste. Scrap iron, paper, cardboard, wood and chemical waste are all separated with great care.
We are very pleased with the pace of technological development in our field. When the time came to expand our machine park, we decided to acquire the Durst Omega 2, which dries the ink using LED lamps instead of UV lamps. LED lamps can burn for up to 20,000 hours, which eliminates the need to frequently replace the bulbs.